4 Ways Solar Panels Can Lower Your Electric Bill

Solar Panels Santa Cruz

Solar panels can help you save money in a number of ways. In addition the tax incentives, you’ll see a decline in your electricity bills. This is becoming increasingly significant, as the cost of electricity is rising faster than the rate of inflation.

1. They Generate Power

You can install panels that will generate power to appliances or lights, both of which can be energy sappers that are often overlooked. The natural power from the panels usually results in a lower monthly energy bill.

2. They Generate Heat

That natural heat derived from solar panels is the most well-known benefit. The added sunlight will provide some extra heat, which will lower your heating costs in the winter months.

3. Get a Better Rate

Many electric companies offer better rates to homeowners who use solar panels. If your electric company doesn’t offer this benefit outright, you can request a negotiation.

4. Use Net Metering

Net metering calculates the difference between your energy production and consumption. The discrepancy can be used to generate credit with your electric company.

As energy costs rise, solar panels can help a homeowner deflect costs over extended periods of time. The panels can also raise a home’s worth when it comes time to sell. Visit this website for more information on solar panels in Santa Cruz.

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