High Rise With Intelligent Energy Storage Towers Over Rising Energy Costs

Since the days of thomas Edison more than a century ago, electricity has flowed through the grid in one direction. Power is centrally generated, transmitted, distributed within cities to buildings and consumed immediately…..read more

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Prepare For A Storm


When you hear that a storm is on its way to your area, there are many things that you are going to want to do to be prepared. While your first thoughts might center around getting the right provisions for your home, there are many other things that can be important to focus upon in your house. Having your electrical panel looked at can wind up helping you a great deal during a storm.

Avoid the Darkness

Though there are some cases where a blackout is inevitable, there are many more situations where you will be able to prevent your home from going dark. Having a professional take a look at your panels can give you peace of mind and help you to get an idea of any problems that might exist within.

Learn the Ropes

When professionals look at your solar panels, you are also granted a chance to learn a bit about the wiring in your home. Use this as an opportunity to discover which breaker connects to wear, and what precautions to take once the storm touches down.

Being prepared can take you far before a storm. Do a bit of research and you will learn more than you expected about your home. Visit this website for more information on electrical panel repair in Santa Cruz.

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Lighting the Future: Office Design

The office of tomorrow is an energy-efficient space designed for employee health and productivity, and today’s office is looking more like its future self every day. Lighting plays a key role….read more

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4 Ways Solar Panels Can Lower Your Electric Bill

Solar Panels Santa Cruz

Solar panels can help you save money in a number of ways. In addition the tax incentives, you’ll see a decline in your electricity bills. This is becoming increasingly significant, as the cost of electricity is rising faster than the rate of inflation.

1. They Generate Power

You can install panels that will generate power to appliances or lights, both of which can be energy sappers that are often overlooked. The natural power from the panels usually results in a lower monthly energy bill.

2. They Generate Heat

That natural heat derived from solar panels is the most well-known benefit. The added sunlight will provide some extra heat, which will lower your heating costs in the winter months.

3. Get a Better Rate

Many electric companies offer better rates to homeowners who use solar panels. If your electric company doesn’t offer this benefit outright, you can request a negotiation.

4. Use Net Metering

Net metering calculates the difference between your energy production and consumption. The discrepancy can be used to generate credit with your electric company.

As energy costs rise, solar panels can help a homeowner deflect costs over extended periods of time. The panels can also raise a home’s worth when it comes time to sell. Visit this website for more information on solar panels in Santa Cruz.

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Pictures of Tesla Energy’s “Gigafactory”


These two pictures show the current work and anticipated completion of a “Gigafactory” in Nevada, enacted by Tesla’s CEO. The first picture is a computer-generated projection of the completed solar project, while the second picture shows the expansive construction currently taking place.

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Not Only About Batteries

In his 2011 State of the Union message, President Barack Obama set a goal to have 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road by the end of 2015. That isn’t likely to happen. As of 2014’s close, less than one-third of that number were on the road (2015’s numbers aren’t yet available), but that doesn’t mean EVs won’t have a…read more

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Two Ways To Save With Solar Panels

solar panel installation in Monterey

Human beings tend to consume a lot of energy while in their homes. In order to keep the planet healthy, there are some easy steps that you can take. Solar energy panels can be an amazing addition to your home. There are many incredible benefits to switching to solar panels, but two of them stand pretty tall above the rest.

1. Save the World

When you switch to solar energy panels, you are doing your part to help the world. Solar panels are a great way to cut back on the amount of pressure that is put on the earth by constant energy consumption. You will be consuming less energy because what you receive will mainly be provided by the most natural energy source of all: the sun.

2. Save Some Money

Aside from the wonder benefits that solar energy panels have on the world, they can also help you to save money. Solar energy panels have been shown to help homeowners save on their energy bills each month. This money can add up, and you will notice the change when you look at your bank account.

Solar energy panels can help you to save the world and keep some extra cash in your pocket. To learn about how you can get solar panel installation in Monterey, visit this website and consult with the professionals.

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